Jovan and Robby smiling.

Meet Jovan and his dog Robby, the founders of The Wise Pup. Their mission? Simple. Find and test the healthiest (and tastiest) dog food, coolest toys, and practical accessories to keep this 6-year friendship last forever. 

The Wise Pup is an educational hub for dog owners looking to get the best possible information to doggy care and nutrition. It’s founders, Jovan and Robby have been together for 6 years and though they enjoy the beach and chasing squirrels (Jovan more than Robby), they’re also very serious about leading an active, healthy lifestyle. Not to mention testing out cool stuff!

Join them as they dive deep into the world of dog nutrition, daily tips and the latest canine gadgets to get your paws on. They cover everything from delicious vegan diets for dogs to the most comfortable dog crates for the pup on the go and much more!

And now, a word from our founders

Hey, guys! My name is Jovan and this is my friend, Robby (I’m the one on the right). Robby is from a small town in rural Colombia and came to live with me in Brooklyn. I decided to embark on this quest to help other dog lovers such as myself, find the best tips on how to have your pup live its best life. 

Robby came as a result of the passing of my first dog, Dulce at the age of 14. As a kid, I didn’t know anything about pet nutrition and Dulce suffered from old school practices of eating what we ate on the farm. It took me a few years before I was ready for a new dog but after I adopted Robby from my native town of Jardin, Colombia, I realized I would use everything in my power to provide dog lovers with everything they need to take better care of their furry best friend. 

What to Expect

This site was originally intended to have just a few blog articles on the most important nutritional facts I wish I would’ve known years ago. It later evolved into a full-on resource center with dozens of articles and me reviewing the pet industry’s latest and coolest toys.

Though I’m a content writer by profession, I can’t take all of the credit for putting this all together. We have a small team of content writers, animal experts, and vets that will help Robby and me in the reviewing of all of this scrumptious food and gadgets. 

Before any article or review was published on this site it has been carefully selected and researched or overseen by our qualified experts. 

What’s Next?

If you’ve found us, you’re likely looking to browse for recipes, accessories and daily tips to improve your pup’s day to day.

We’ve put together a compendium of guides, articles and helpful pieces of content to help you: