The Wise Pup originally started out as a blog looking to recommend the best possible food that was both easy to find and affordable for your average dog owner. 

As the site grew so did the type of dog and location. Today, The Wise Pup is a resource for all things dog food. Just browse through our categories and you’ll instantly realize what we’re referring to. 


Depending on your pup’s breed, we’ve got a wide collection of recommendations using both wet and dry ingredients and flavors. 

Ingredient Free

Is your dog allergic or do certain ingredients make them gassy? Not to worry, many of our recommendations have been vet tested and approved so you can be sure you’re getting an expert’s opinion.


If your pup suffers from a particular disorder and you’re looking for the best foods to work around their afflictions, our vet-approved articles and recommendations have got the solution. 

The Wise Pup’s blog

A place to discuss everything from supplies to homemade recipes and even Vet approved tips and tricks to keep your pup healthy and happy while you’re at work.