Jovan and Robby smiling.

Greetings, dog lovers!

Meet Jovan and his dog Robby, the founders of The Wise Pup. Their mission? Simple. Find and test the healthiest (and tastiest) dog food, coolest toys and practical accessories to keep this 6 year friendship last forever.


Check out our editors’ picks for the best toys, gear, gifts, clothing, and more for your favorite four-legged friend.

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We are the resource for all things dog food. Just browse through our categories and you’ll instantly realize what we’re referring to. 

Canine Gadgets​

Today’s dogs need not worry about the lack of gadgets to make their lives more interesting and this is where we plan to bridge that gap.

Canine Gadgets and Reviews

Canine gadgets are here and though we’ve yet to discover the machine invented by Rick Sanchez that translates what dogs say, we do have a plethora of instruments that will help make your pup’s life easier.