7 Reasons Why Sprocker Spaniels are the Best Breed for Children

Sprocker Spaniels for children

A sprocker spaniel is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Springer Spaniel, which are both medium-sized dogs. Besides the occasional mix-up here or there, it’s thought that this cross-breed first came about around 20 years ago. 

Both Cockers and Springers have historically made great household pets, so it’s no wonder why Sprocker Spaniels are quickly climbing the ranks of the best dogs for families with children.

Why are these mid-sized pups becoming so popular for families with kids? Beyond their size and their temperament, these dogs are easy to train and are always up for an adventure. Learn more about why these dogs are great with kids in our seven top reasons listed below.

1. They’re the Perfect Size

Dogs that are too large can be a hazard to small children. Breeds such as Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds, while gentle, don’t always realize how big they are, and if they get excited or startled by something, they could easily run or knock a small child over. Sprocker Spaniels are medium-sized dogs that typically don’t grow more than 14 inches or weigh more than 35 pounds. Older children may be able to pick up the dog, too, making him or her easy to transport or pull up on the couch for snuggles.

On the other hand, these dogs also aren’t too small for children. Tiny dogs such as chihuahuas are known to display more aggression and are easier targets for the picking, poking, prodding, and squeezing that children sometimes partake in. A Sprocker Spaniel is big enough to hold its own, yet not big enough for it to get in the way.

2. They Are Loyal to Their People

All spaniels are known to be incredibly loyal to their people. A Sprocker Spaniel will identify with his clan, including all children, and protect them and stay close when needed. They are not typically aggressive toward their owners, and they won’t usually run away when given the chance. This loyalty will be beloved by children as they grow up with a furry best friend by their side. They’ll know they will always have a friend that won’t judge or betray them even when they do wrong, as we know all kids will do now and then. 

3. They Are Social and Outgoing

One reason they’re one of the best dog breeds for children is their naturally social and outgoing nature. They prefer the company of others rather than being alone, so they’ll love to see what your kids are up to any chance they get. Tag in the backyard? They want to play too! Exploring at the dog park? They’re up for meeting new dogs and playing together. Plus, their social nature makes them welcoming to other kids and dogs, making for smooth social interactions when in public. You won’t have to worry about territorial or overly aggressive behavior when people pass by or approach.

4. They Have Enough Energy to Keep Up

Sprockers have tons of energy since they are a working breed. These dogs love to run around and play, making them the perfect companion for active children. Feel like you can’t keep up with your kids? A Sprocker can! They’ll keep the kids entertained for hours playing fetch or chasing each other around the yard. They can likely outlast your children in energy, too, so if you need to wear them out, you can let them play with the pup until they’ve got the energy out of their system.

5. They’re Always Up for an Adventure

Sprocker Spaniels are happy to be indoors or outdoors, so they won’t be uncomfortable on an adventure. They are known to be pretty good travelers temperamentally, and their size makes them the perfect travel companion. Sprocker Spaniels can keep up with your family on hikes and may even enjoy the dog beach. Whatever adventure your kids want to get into each weekend, your household pup will be up for it. 

6. They’re Great Cuddlers

While these dogs are surely adventurous and high-energy at times, they are also very affectionate to the ones they love. That means they make for great cuddlers. If you allow them on the couch or bed, they’ll likely curl right up next to you. This is great for families with children who could benefit from the emotional support of a pet and the physical presence of having one near.

7. They’re Easy to Train

It’s never fun dealing with a stubborn dog when you have children that you need to look out for and keep safe in a home. The good news about Sprocker Spaniels is that this breed is incredibly easy to train. They are working dogs and are typically highly food motivated, so as long as you have the right treats or food to reward them with, they are very eager to please. Just be sure you don’t feed them anything they can’t eat as a treat. You can easily teach them commands such as stay, come, heel, place, and more to keep order in your home.

Final Thoughts

Sprocker Spaniels offer the best of both the Cocker Spaniel and Springer Spaniel breeds. They are small enough not to knock a child over, but they’re big enough not to be stepped on. They’re social and high-energy, making them a great companion for a long day of play or a fun adventure to the dog beach with the kids. They also have a soft and sweet side that stays loyal to their pack and is always ready to cuddle at the end of a long day. Plus, they are smart animals that are easy enough to train with kids around that you can feel good about letting them roam freely with the kids at home.

If you’re still looking for a family-friendly pooch to bring into the family, you should highly consider adopting a Sprocker Spaniel as your newest addition.

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