How to House Train a Chihuahua

how to train a chihuahua

Just got a spunky chihuahua puppy? You’re in for a treat with this energetic and intelligent little dog. And when we say little, we mean little. Chihuahuas taking part in dog shows have a maximum weight of six pounds, but not so fast. Before we speak about dog shows you need to learn how to train a chihuahua first.

Maybe you think house training will be a breeze since chihuahuas are so intelligent. Not so fast! While this breed is clever, it is easily distracted and quite difficult on occasion. If you’ve ever had small dogs, you know how tricky house training can be. Chihuahuas are no different. These dogs are always a training challenge.

With this in mind, start obedience and house training early. If you wait too long, it’ll be more difficult than it needs to be. Many experts recommend house training from around eight weeks old. Be consistent and keep a positive mindset every time you interact with your dogs.

How to Train a Chihuahua Puppy: Potty Training

As chihuahuas are intelligent and feisty, you’ll probably spend more time house training than with other puppies. You’ll need to be patient and consistent as you bring your puppy through the process. 

To start, plan out how you will do your chihuahua puppy’s potty training. You may use a crate, litter box, paper, or puppy pads to help house train your chihuahua puppy. Some owners simply take their chihuahua puppies outside. While most of us associate litter boxes with our feline friends, you can also use them for house training chihuahua puppies too. If you use paper or puppy pads for your dog to pee on, have a large supply. 

To house train your puppy, bring your chihuahua puppy to the designated area (for example, the litter box or outside) every morning, as soon as you wake up. Make sure to go outside or bring your pup to the litter box several times a day, including before bedtime and after the puppy has water and food. Set your puppy up for success when training your new pet.

The more chances they have to do this the right way, the less chance there is of accidents. Make these opportunities as evenly spread out through the day as possible. As long as you are consistent, your puppy will start to link the litter box or being outside with going potty. Once you’ve done this for several days, your puppy will hopefully wait until you’ve brought him to the right place.

As an added incentive, give Fido rewards and praise when they get it right. For instance, offer your puppy prizes and treats as positive reinforcement. Ultimately, you want your dog to connect using the potty in appropriate places with getting things he likes, so make being obedient worth your chihuahua’s time with tasty treats and other good things.

Many dog owners let their pets sleep on the bed or sofa. If you do this, prompt house training is even more important than it would be otherwise. Dog owners with carpets also need to be especially attentive to house training. After all, this kind of flooring is much harder to clean than other, more wipeable surfaces. 

The “No” Command

The “No” command is one of the first things you should teach your chihuahua since it’s an essential training tool needed to teach other skills. When your chihuahua puppy understands “no” and successfully follows the command, they’ll exercise self-control. This is one of several commands you’ll need to teach your chihuahua over time.

Many chihuahua owners complain about their pet’s incessant, frantic barking and poor behavior. Getting your chihuahua puppy well-trained and versed in self-control will put you in a better position to remedy this problem. As with many other skills, self-control gets stronger with practice.  

Here’s an easy way to teach your puppy what “no” means and to adjust their behavior. Begin by attaching a leash to your puppy’s collar. Hold onto the leash. Choose one of your pet’s favorite treats, and position it near your dog on the floor.

Using the leash, lead your chihuahua in that direction. After the dog notices it and clearly wants it, gently pull him away. When your dog finally complies, give them a reward. Be patient, and remember that practice makes perfect when training dogs.

What’s the Best Way to Train a Chihuahua?

Is this your first time owning a puppy? Here are some tips for training your new dog. Remember, in addition to house training your puppy, you should also teach it basic commands such as sit, down, and stay.

Your puppy needs to be properly trained so you can live with him happily and take him for the walks he needs. There are certain things you’ll need to have at hand to be successful with teaching dogs.

Dog Toys

Puppies love to play, so use that enthusiasm for toys when you train them to improve their behavior. A dog toy is an ideal reward to show your dog they’re doing the right thing. Play with your pet as positive reinforcement, and give your chihuahua the exercise and mental stimulation he needs for health and well-being. 

Playtime is great for giving your puppy positive reinforcement. Not only is play a basic reward, but it’s also a perfect time for practicing your dog’s training. Start playing with your puppy from the very beginning. Don’t let kids of any age play with a chihuahua. These are tiny and delicate dogs that can easily get injured.

Tasty Treats

Treats are a fantastic way to positively reinforce desirable behavior. When you want to teach your chihuahua new behaviors, food treats are a great basic tool. These rewards act as positive reinforcement, making your dog more likely to behave the way you want in the future. 

Peace and Quiet

Your chihuahua puppy will learn best when there isn’t a lot of noise and movement. When there is, they could be prone to get distracted or stressed.

Teach Your Chihuahua Obedience Training

Once your chihuahua reaches six months old, you could get him professional obedience training. Stick to training at home before then, as your pup will be too young. Even when you bring your pet to a dog training professional, you still have to be consistent and reinforce the training at home.

Find an experienced professional trainer with a record of training small dogs since they have very specific needs and behavior. Moreover, going with the wrong trainer could lead to behavioral issues after you finish training. Get your dog training right from the very beginning, so behavioral problems don’t end up taking over your life.

Is a Chihuahua Puppy Right for You? 

Before you get started training a chihuahua, you need to understand if it’s the right match for you. A chihuahua puppy might be a good choice for you if you want a small dog and don’t mind its high energy.

Don’t get a chihuahua if you have young kids, as you can never predict the behavior of children. This dog is quite delicate, and children can easily injure it. Luckily, there are plenty of other dog breeds that are ideal family pets who will tolerate unruly behavior.

Can a Chihuahua Be Left Alone During the Day?

Chihuahuas are intensely energetic and playful, so they’ll need lots of playtime. Further, like other dog breeds, a chihuahua needs quality time with its person. After all, they’ll trust you and look to you for leadership and guidance. Above all, it’s important that you have the space for this kind of commitment and the time to walk them throughout the day. 

Ask your vet about how often and how much you should feed your chihuahua. As an extremely small breed, your chihuahua may be prone to obesity if they eat excessively out of boredom. Lastly, no matter what kind of training method you use, it’s essential to properly socialize your dog since this is an important part of the chihuahua character and dog training. 

Are Chihuahuas Hard to Train?

Potty training your chihuahua doesn’t have to be hard. If your living situation is right for a chihuahua and you have the time and energy for this breed, dog training should be an enjoyable and memorable experience. Potty train your chihuahua as soon as you can, usually starting when he’s about eight weeks old. Be patient and have fun working with your dog. 

Be consistent and dedicated when potty training your chihuahua, being understanding when your pet seems confused. Give him positive reinforcement when he does the right thing, and teach your chihuahua to go potty exactly where he should. The right reward or rewards given at the right times can be the magic trick you’ve been looking for when you potty train.

It’s easier than you might think to house train a chihuahua, as long as you know-how. For more information about how to train a chihuahua, dogs, dog training, and more, stop by and search our website! It’s a treasure trove for every chihuahua owner.

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