11 Delicious Fruits you can Share with your Dog

what fruits can dogs eat

If you have a kitchen full of fresh fruits, you’ve likely contemplated sharing them with your dog. From bananas to pears, fruits are a great source of vitamins and minerals for pets and humans alike. But what fruits can dogs eat without harming them?

If you’re like my grandparents back in Colombia, you’ve fed them anything and everything that’s healthy for us. But it’s a bit more complicated than that.

Let’s elaborate. Here are 11 Fruits Dogs can Eat.


Originally from China and Asia Minor, pears are the 5th most grown fruit in the world. They’re also a great source of copper, vitamin C, K, and fiber.

Avoid feeding your pooch canned pears as they contain sugary syrup that will do more harm than good. Cut them into bite-sized chunks, remove the pit and seeds as they contain traces of cyanide.


Peaches aren’t only delicious for humans but my dog loves them. They’re sweet, contain lots of vitamin A and fiber which will benefit the often constipated dog.

Be sure to cut them up into bite-size chunks or you can even freeze them for a delicious summertime snack.


Oranges are tasty and a great snack. But be sure you’re willing to not only peel them but also remove all the seeds as seeds can increase the risk of choking.


This fruit that originated in India is packed with vitamin A, B6, C, and E.

Remove the pit and cut it up into bite-sized chunks. Keep in mind that because of its high sugar content, should only be used as an occasional snack.

Mangoes also have potassium and alpha-carotene which are precursors of vitamin A. They’re also said to help prevent cardiovascular diseases.


Cantaloupe is a great source of water, fiber and low in calories. It is high in sugar so make sure your pup eats in moderation. If your dog suffers from diabetes or is overweight, be sure to give once every blue moon.


Blueberries, good. Grapes, bad. Repeat after me, blueberries are good for your dog to eat while grapes are a no-go (check out fruits your dog can’t eat).

Blueberries are rich in antioxidants which prevent cell damage in both dogs and humans. They contain lots of fiber and though they can be a bit more expensive than other fruits, they’re a healthy alternative to mass-produced treats.


When consumed in moderation, bananas make for a fantastic doggie treat. They’re very high in sugar but on the flip side are a great low-calorie alternative to a lot of the garbage passed off as dog treats.

They’re also great sources of biotin, fiber, and copper.


Apples are a great source of vitamin A, C as well as fiber. Green apples are healthier than their red counterparts but due to their acidity, your pooch might reject its taste at first.

Apples are a fantastic and healthy snack for senior dogs. They contain antioxidants and if eaten frequently, can help with halitosis (bad breath).

Be sure to remove the seeds and provide them in bite-sized pieces.


Cranberries (dry ones included) are safe and delicious for dogs to eat. However, similar to feeding them to children, not all dogs will enjoy their acidity.

Dried cranberries are a great alternative to raisins (which dogs can’t eat) and are rich in antioxidants which will help boost your dog’s immune health and decrease inflammation. They also help combat a urinary tract infection and improve eyesight.


Pineapples are a Hawaiian staple and the favorite fruit of many due to their delicious taste. A few chunks of pineapple can be a great snack for your dogs if fed in tidbits. They’re full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and some even say it prevents them from eating their own poop.

Pineapples also contain bromelain. An enzyme that helps your dog absorb protein better.


Strawberries are nature’s Colgate for your dog. They whiten your pooch’s teeth, they’re filled with fiber, vitamin C and contain a high water content. But, the levels of sugar in strawberries are high enough to harm your dogs if not given in moderation.

Fruits Dogs Can Eat and Will Love

Though this isn’t a top 11 best fruits for dogs post. I would like to save you a grocery bag filled with fruits that your dog might not like. Let’s face it, because they can eat it, doesn’t mean they will.

I asked a few of my fellow dog lovers and tested these 11 fruits on Robby and he didn’t respond as well as I did to green apples. Its acidity and skin/peel proved to be a little much for Robby and he ended up spitting it out.

Strawberries, blueberries, and bananas seem to be dogs’ favorite fruits. But remember, moderate their consumption. Especially to older dogs as their high sugar content, can have them gain weight before you know it.

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