11 Dog Gift Basket Ideas for your Next Purchase

dog gift baskets

I for one love gift baskets. They’re unique and contain all my favorite things. So when given a few dog gift baskets last month, I realized this is the perfect gift.

But dog gift baskets need to be personalized and not just randomly assembled. They need to have everything your average dog and human needs and we’re here to help.

For that reason, we’ve put together a compendium of dog treats and accessories that make the ideal gift.

Best Times to Give a Dog Gift Basket

The average dog lover will appreciate a gift like this regardless of the occasion. But there are certain dates or events that will make this gift even more special.

So we’ve separated our dog gift baskets ideas by special occasions.

Dog Gift Baskets for Birthdays

Whether it’s their birthday or their pup, your loved one needs to know you’ve thought of both before picking out this gift.

Here are our favorite dog gift basket ideas for a birthday gift.

Birthday Cake Biscuits

Bocce’s Bakery offers delicious and nutritious dog treats lauded by everyone who’s tried them. They were even featured on ABC, Oprah Magazine, and Buzzfeed.

Their birthday cake treats will be your dog’s favorites as they’re flavored with peanut butter, molasses, and vanilla.

Nerf Dog Blaster

This is the perfect birthday gift for both dogs and their owners. Nerf was a household name back in the 90s and this tennis ball blaster will keep dogs entertained for hours on end. It even features a speed adjuster that will help you launch the balls further.

Food Dispensing Dog Toy

Fill this object with your dog’s favorite kibble and watch as they spend hours trying to get this dispenser to release the goods. It’s interactive, challenging, and fun!

Dog Gift Baskets Christmas

Furbo Dog Camera

With this great Alexa-compatible device, you won’t have to worry about leaving your dog home alone. Have random video chats with them while you’re at work and even toss treats at them from the office using your smartphone.

iFetch Ball Launcher

The average couch potato says they’re going to take their dogs to the park more often. The iFetch ball launcher aids with this by allowing your dog to play catch by himself.

At slightly over $100, who knew having an independent pooch was so affordable.

FurHaven Pet Dog Bed

An orthopedic bed for dogs that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars, who knew?

FurHaven created a plush sofa orthopedic bed that might not fit in a traditional gift basket but at under $50, I don’t think anyone minds.

Ugly Xmas Sweater

If you have to wear one, dogs have to as well. Made of 100% acrylic material and not the traditional red fire ant blend. Your dog’s are going to look adorable as well as comfortable.

Petniversary Dog Gift Baskets

Commemorating something as special as a friendship is as big of an event as any. Check out these perfect dog gift basket ideas for your loved one’s petniversary.

Custom Pet Photo Bracelet

If they don’t already have a piece of jewelry with their dog’s picture on it, this is a great gift. This custom pet photo bracelet is unique, affordable, and a great addition to anyone’s jewelry collection.

Personalized Dog Socks

Etsy will take your dog’s picture and print it right into a pair of socks. Might be a little extreme if you ask me but it’s a great accessory for the dog lover that has it all.

Custom Family Portrait

A dog is a furry sibling that needs to be on every family portrait and thanks to the adventures of Rubi, now they can.

My Condolences

No one is ready for when this day comes nor do we even want to think about it. But nothing screams my condolences more than a custom gift basket for a grieving dog lover.

Dog Memorial Picture Frame

Keeping a dog’s memory alive is the best way to remember a lifetime of accomplishments and milestones reached together.

This picture frame comes in various sizes and is the perfect gift to ensure a part of their home pays tribute to a deceased loved one.

No Special Occasion

You don’t need a special occasion to surprise a loved one and their pup. Build your own dog gift basket and watch their smiles light up as they see the assortment of goodies they’ll be getting their paws into.

Be sure you keep them away from these hazardous toys and food.

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