CBD Dosages for Dogs: [Safety Guide]

CBD Dosage for dogs

How to administer CBD to your pooch will depend on factors like the dog’s condition, weight, and the strength of the product. What also affects your choices are doses recommended by the company. Requirements can vary due to the concentration of CBD in their oils. This can create a lot of confusion and risk your pooch’s health. To make sure your pet gets the dose they need, here’s how to determine CBD dosages for dogs.

Impact of Marijuana Products on Dogs

While CBD oils are competent extractions designed to minimize levels of THC, canines are four to times more likely to suffer toxicity than humans. Now, it’s good to remember CBD has shown no toxicity levels, but that’s based on responsible use. 

I use CBD products to support my pet’s health and lifestyle but ensure my product is high quality. It should at least meet or exceed CBD level standards. The only way to know if your dosage is CBD safe for dogs is to read instructions, consult with your vet, and use the following recommendations to manage CBD for dogs.

How to Calculate the Right CBD Dosage

There are no actually no veterinary or industry standards or regulations for dosing your doggy with CBD. Estimating CBD for dogs is mainly about three factors:

  • Size of your pet
  • Symptoms or conditions
  • The CBD product

Your vet should be closely supervising the administration and be available for a consultation. The vet will guide you in all ways to know how is CBD safe for dogs. 


The size of your canine may not correlate with the dosage he needs. You want to start with an idea for the dosage. I recommend 0.2 milligrams per one pound of your dog’s weight.


Your pet’s condition greatly influences CBD for dogs. If your doggy has a pressing condition that requires hemp CBD oil — and if using the weight ratio estimation — you could have a dose of two to five milligrams CBD for his body weight. You’d apply this dose once or more times per day.

Form & Strength

Tinctures and CBD oils are generally produced for human consumption. But there are CBD oils for dogs. Companies manufacture these products in varying concentrations. 

You’ll have to configure concentration to achieve a level of relief. This could mean 100 milligrams of one product or 1000 milligrams of another.

Another issue is the type of product you use. A CBD dog chew may absorb slower than an oil or tincture. In the case of the chew, you may have to apply a change in dosage to ensure your dog gets the same relief. That or wait longer for him to get the desired effect.

The Correct CBD for Dogs

Responsibly, it’s a good idea to start slow with the minimal one milligram per 10 pounds dosage. Using the manufacturer guidelines, ease your dog into the dosing. Companies tend to formulate their CBD to exact qualifications, supplying us with detailed instructions on the best ways to dose the product. 

Yet, it can be helpful to calculate CBD for dogs on your own. See how close you come to the company guidelines and what impact those doses have on poochy. Work from there.

CBD Doses for Medicinal Use

For managing seizures or treating arthritic pain, use a safe 0.2 milligrams of CBD per dog pound. Thus, you want five milligrams of CBD if your dog weighs 25 pounds.

The next step is determining how much oil to give Fido based on the number of milligrams contained in each milliliter of oil. This is a CBD safe dose for dogs.

Now, we’ve established your 25-pound doggy will require a dose of five milligrams of CBD. If you’re using a product formulated as a 75-milligram solution, you’ve got a formulation that’s 2.5 milligrams of CBD oil per milliliter. With the 75 milligram formula, the dog gets two milliliters.

Formula strengths range between 75 and 600 milligrams. Adjust your dog’s dosage based on the calculation I use in the previous paragraph. I do recommend avoiding the use of the 600-milligram formulation on small pets. Most CBD oils come with an oral syringe, and these instruments can be difficult to use with smaller animals.

CBD Dosage for Well-being

It’s not unusual to prescribe CBD oil for the general well-being of your dog. In these cases, she doesn’t need the typical dose used to treat conditions.

Even with this info, it may still be hard to imagine how to manage actual dosing against the guidelines from the varying manufacturers. To clarify this matter better, I’m going to use a company called King Kanine. The company’s noted for producing quality CBD treats and oils for dogs. 

First, I choose a formula that aligns with my dog’s weight. I use the concentration of each bottle’s CBD for my foundation. The King has three formulas: 75, 150, and 300 milligrams. Each bottle total holds 30 milliliters of oil. (King Kanine leans heavily on krill oil. The oil type will vary by manufacturer.)

Formula Recommendations

Size of PetKing Kanine ProductDosage of CBD (approximate)
20 pounds or less75-milligram bottle2.5 milligram  / 1 millimeter
21–50 pounds150-milligram bottle5 milligrams / 1 millimeter
51–75 pounds150-milligram bottle10 milligrams / 1 milliliter
Over 75 pounds600-milligram bottle20 milligrams / 1 milliliter

Dog Treats: Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

The producer or seller will provide serving suggestions for any CBD dog treat. With those in mind, I still use my estimation calculation methods to figure out how many treats my pet will be comfortable and safe with.


CBD is natural and safe, so you have no significant worries if poochy gets a little less or more as you work out doses. As I state above, there will be a little experimentation to find the right dose. 
This is why you want to start small and work up. In time, you’ll notice when your dog needs a dosage based on her behavior or recurring symptoms. But soon, you’ll have a solid handle on CBD for dogs. If you want more information about Hemp oil vs CBD oil for dogs, check out this article.

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