Best dog food to Prevent Gas

best dog food to prevent gas

Dog flatulence can be both funny and embarrassing. It is a normal function and if your uncle lets them rip at family gatherings, why shouldn’t your pup? But consistent dog gas after a while stops being funny and can be a cause for concern. Doggy farts often can be the result of an allergic reaction, digestive issues, or eating too quickly. So what is the best dog food to prevent gas?

But fellow dog owners, have no fear. Your uncle’s flatulence might be incorrigible. But we’ve put together 5 Tips (including 1 homemade) that will cure them of this ailment.

Why does my dog fart so much?

If you’ve landed on this article, you’ve already spoken to your vet and they have ruled out a problem in their digestive system.

Gas in dogs is normal but when you reach a certain threshold where the smell is unbearable. This is the digestive system trying to process something that it’s having a hard time with.

If you’re one of those people that feeds your dog what you’re eating, there’s your answer. Food like beans, dairy products, greasy foods and even the piece of sriracha-soaked falafel you dropped on the floor are responsible.

A few other common causes are lack of exercise and obesity. These seem to be the most common reasons which is why we’ve put together instructions on how to help you and your dog.

Cut Back on the People Food

This might sound obvious enough but I decided to feature this one first. Mainly because dogs aren’t able to digest your taco Tuesday takeout (gotta love alliteration).

In fact, flatulence in dogs is usually undigested food particles sitting in their poor colons and fermenting.

Their big eyes are hard to say turn down but you have to know when to say no. I’m not above sitting in my bathroom wolfing down a whopper in order to avoid Robby’s gas. 

If you can’t say no, make sure these are the human foods you feed your dog.

Dog Food Quality is Key

For years, we as a civilized society have neglected the quality of our dog food. Purchasing the most affordable, first thing off the shelves we see.

But times have changed and there has been lots of awareness of the poor quality of ingredients behind lots of the big-name brands.

Many well-known brands provide ingredients that add no nutritional value and are there to make your dog feel full. Your dog can be sensitive or even allergic to these ingredients. Thus triggering perpetual, unwanted gas.

I know it can be expensive but the best dog food to prevent gas contains ingredients that you’re familiar with. Anything with meat, vegetables, and fruits is good, and be sure the dog treats you’re picking up also follow similar guidelines. Be sure to ask your vet if you’re unsure of where to begin.

Lead an Active Lifestyle

Recommending changing your dog’s lifestyle doesn’t mean go out on a walk at the very whiff of a fart. But, if you can, increase the length of your walks and or the frequency of them per day.

Dog walkers are ubiquitous these days and meeting the neighborhood dogs is a good way to have them make new friends. It’s also your best chance of building in a free workout for your dog without you moving a muscle.

How Fast does your Dog Eat?

According to Fetch by WebMD, dogs who eat faster tend to take in more air which then has to find its way out somehow. I don’t know about your dog but if a stranger watches my dog eat, they’ll think he’s barely fed because of how fast he eats.

We can’t all of a sudden teach our dogs to eat slower, but there are tools that help us make this possible. You can try feeding them smaller portions at a time which even doubles as a great diet option for dogs on a diet.

I also saw this bizarre, complex dog bowl that seems to have them slow how fast they eat because of how the bowl is shaped like a maze.

Homemade Dog Fart Remedies

I had to be explicit because this is what I wanted to name the article but I got vetoed by the content team.

This isn’t a dog food recipe so I’m not going to give you a long shopping list. Instead, is the best dog food to prevent gas you can pick up and trick your dog into eating.

  • Fennel

Remember when kale was all the craze and this once ignored reject of the spinach family would sit at the market? Well, fennel seems to be its new replacement. Fennel is a root vegetable part of the carrot family. Chop it up and add it to their kibble and you’ve got yourself a temporary cure to unsolicited flatulence.

  • Parsley

Parsley isn’t only a great garnish and delicious base for tabbouleh salad. It’s also an herb used to freshen your dog’s breath and intestines. Chop it up and salt bae it up into their food.

  • Peppermint Oil

Smelly farts and bad breath seem to be common occurrences among dogs who eat human food and luckily, nature always has a plan b. In a dropper, add some peppermint oil to your dog’s water.

  • Ginger

The ancient Chinese and Indians back over 2000 years ago used this native plant as a stomach settler. Their elders anticipated smelly canine farts and used them as a tonic root for many ailments. Sprinkle it onto their food and get the natural smell of your home back.

If All Else Fails

Dog farts are usually not a cause for concern so don’t run to the vet at the very whiff of their first case of flatulence. But if you’ve tried every item on this list and you’ve got the best fed, most active yet gassiest dog. A simple telephone call to your local veterinarian will ensure you get a second opinion.

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